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Application Forms

Application Forms Documents Needed

  1. A completed application form. (Either obtain a form from the office and complete it or ask for a form by E-mail .)
  2. A completed medical form, which should also be obtained from the office or by E-mail. Please mention any medical problem which we need to know about to ensure the full safety of your children.
  3. A Certified Medical Report from the Administration of Health, indicating his/her health status regarding infectious and communicable diseases.
  4. Previous School Report

    For students transferring from outside Syria and to fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Education, the following items should also be provided:

    The most recent original school report from the previous school. The report should show the class, date, and results (stating that students passed to a higher grade) signed and stamped by the issuing school and certified by the following:

    • Ministry of Education of the country the student is coming from, if available
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country the student is coming from
    • Syrian Embassy in the country the student is coming from
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Syria
    • If the school report is in a foreign language, it should be translated to Arabic and certified by the Ministry of Justice
    • Private Education Department in Syria

    Parents of students applying for secondary levels should contact the school for further information on required documents.

  5. Three Photos
  6. Birth Identification Document
    • Syrians can supply a photocopy of the family card.
    • Non-Syrians should submit a statement from their Embassy in Syria stamped and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once all the above documents are handed in, they become the property of the school.